AcceleDentA revolutionary new orthodontic accessory is available to many patients who visit Dr. Hakim, our expert in AcceleDent in Los Angeles. AcceleDent speeds treatment time significantly with very little time investment by patients who use it. As a result, AcceleDent patients commonly enjoy faster results and less discomfort as their teeth are being corrected. Here is more about AcceleDent, its benefits and who may qualify to receive it.

AcceleDent is composed of a mouthpiece that patients wear over their braces for 20 minutes each day during their treatment by our Los Angeles AcceleDent expert. Because AcceleDent is compatible with most types of braces, it is a versatile option for individuals who are having their teeth repositioned through the method of their choice. After clinical trials, the FDA approved AcceleDent for use in conjunction with existing orthodontic methods.

AcceleDent Los Angeles

The primary benefit of AcceleDent that draws many patients is its ability to shorten treatment time by facilitating the movement of the teeth. However, this treatment adjunct from our expert in AcceleDent in Los Angeles has other benefits as well. For example, patients often report that they feel more comfortable when they use AcceleDent regularly. Additionally, the faster treatment time offered by AcceleDent reduces oral health risks faced by patients during orthodontic correction.

AcceleDent is an option for most patients who are interested in more quickly obtaining the aesthetic, functional and health-related benefits of orthodontic care. However, not all patients are candidates for AcceleDent due to individual factors. This means that a consultation with our Los Angeles AcceleDent expert is essential for anyone who is interested in combining this treatment with the type of braces that they choose.

AcceleDent is an attractive option for many patients who want faster results and less discomfort while their teeth are being corrected. A versatile choice for enhancing a variety of types of braces, AcceleDent can be used by a majority of individuals who visit Dr. Hakim. A consultation with our Los Angeles orthodontist can be scheduled by patients who want to learn more about AcceleDent and find out if it is right for them.