Braces for Kids

Braces for KidsEarly oral development sets the stage for lifelong oral health, and treatment from our expert in braces for kids in Los Angeles helps kids grow healthy teeth and gums. While orthodontic treatment holds major benefits for patients at any age, children are likely to gain the greatest long-term advantages in terms of their appearance, oral health and comfort by having their teeth corrected. Discomfort and disruption of appearance are no longer definite parts of orthodontic care with the many options now available.

Orthodontic development is most rapid in early childhood, with important factors in this process including a variety of lifestyle issues in addition to heredity. When parents take their children to our expert in braces for kids in Los Angeles at an early age, they receive not only a comprehensive evaluation of how the oral tissues are developing but also gain insights into how they can help encourage healthy growth in their children. Habits such as mouth breathing and thumb sucking, for example, can have lifelong consequences for appearance and can be resolved with help from our orthodontist. Braces and other orthodontic appliances may also be recommended to guide development at this time.

Parents may get recommendations for a variety of orthodontic treatments based on what our expert in braces for kids in Los Angeles finds during an initial consultation. For example, traditional metal braces, ceramic braces or lingual braces may be available depending on the types and severity of bite irregularities present and certain candidacy factors. If necessary, our expert in braces for kids in Los Angeles may also recommend headgear, palatal expanders or other appliances to adjust jaw position and widen the palate. All treatment options are explained beforehand so parents can remain active in the treatment of their children.

Orthodontic treatment is best performed early in life for the greatest benefits related to appearance, oral functioning and comfort. By having crooked teeth corrected at this age, children are also more likely to develop self-confidence in their interactions with others while they mature. Parents can learn more about braces for kids by scheduling a consultation with our orthodontist in Los Angeles.