BracesPatients with bite irregularities can get braces from our Los Angeles orthodontist to improve their appearance and pave the way for a lifetime of better oral health. Orthodontic treatment provides more self-confidence, greater comfort and lower risks of tooth decay, gum disease and TMJ disorders. Here is more about the benefits of braces, available options, and what patients can expect when Dr. Hakim corrects their teeth.

Teeth that fit together properly are not only better looking but also more resistant to numerous dental problems. By closing gaps between teeth, treatment from our expert in braces in Los Angeles reduces the ability of food particles and bacteria to stick to teeth. Fractures are also less likely to occur when teeth fit together as they should. Finally, the jaws are more resistant to problems when teeth meet closely.

Braces Los Angeles

Based on individual differences in candidacy and treatment requirements, a number of orthodontic options are available from our Los Angeles braces expert. Braces with brackets, such as metal, lingual and ceramic braces, are available to patients in all age groups and generally take one to two years to finish correcting teeth. Clear braces, such as Invisalign, are available in multiple forms to suit different age groups and treatment goals and can take less time to correct teeth compared to bracket-based options.

Orthodontic treatment can vary significantly depending on the type of braces being used. With metal, lingual and ceramic braces, patients visit our expert in braces in Los Angeles to have the brackets bonded to their teeth and wires threaded through those brackets. Throughout treatment, regular wire tightening gradually moves the teeth into position. Patients who get Invisalign have dental impressions taken for construction of clear aligners, which vary in number based on the amount of correction required. During Invisalign treatment, progress is monitored, and aligners are progressively switched at regular appointments.

The options open to patients can vary depending on treatment goals and individual factors determined at an initial exam by our Los Angeles braces expert. By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hakim, patients can learn more about how braces correct teeth and discuss their candidacy for different options.