Ceramic Braces

Ceramic BracesCeramic braces are made of composite material rather than metal, making them less visible and more comfortable for patients. Tinted to match the color of natural teeth, ceramic braces from our expert in ceramic braces in Los Angeles are less disruptive to the appearance compared to metal braces. Like invisible braces, ceramic braces can be a better option for patients who want to maintain a professional image at work or at school while their teeth are being corrected.

The appearance of ceramic braces is what initially draws many patients to them, but other features help boost their appeal. In addition to being less obvious than metal braces, ceramic braces are less likely to abrade the soft tissues of the mouth. This treatment from our Los Angeles ceramic braces expert also offers the option to choose colored wires that make orthodontic correction even less noticeable.

Ceramic Braces Los Angeles

The comfort and aesthetic excellence ceramic braces provide can make them the best option for many patients, but a few situations may require more consideration before treatment. Although ceramic braces are highly durable, they break easier than metal braces and may be best avoided by patients who play contact sports. Because ceramic braces can become stained, patients should limit or avoid heavily pigmented foods and drinks during treatment in order to stay discreet.

Dr. Hakim, our expert in ceramic braces in Los Angeles, requires a consultation for all patients considering orthodontic treatment, including ceramic braces. However, basic guidelines can help patients decide whether to pursue this option. Ceramic braces can work well for patients who want to preserve a natural appearance during orthodontic treatment, but patients who require more extensive correction may find that the need for additional treatments overshadows the discretion associated with ceramic braces.

Like metal braces, ceramic braces from our orthodontist in Los Angeles use brackets and wires and can correct nearly all common bite irregularities. However, patients should consider the few limitations described above in order to seek the best option for them. To learn more about ceramic braces and how they can correct specific problems, patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Hakim, our Los Angeles ceramic braces expert.