Monthly Game

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1.        Halloween is celebrated every _________.

a.       Oct. 1st                  b. Oct. 31st

c.       Oct. 15th               d. Dec. 25th


2.       Another name for Halloween is __________.

a.       Samhain             b. All Hallows Eve

c.        Feast of the Dead   d. All of the above


3.       Before they happened upon the pumpkin, the Irish carved Jack-O-Lanterns out                 of what?

a.       Turnips               b.Rutabegas     c.Potatoes         d.All of the above


4.      A male witch is known as a _________.

a.       Witchman      b. Warlock      c. Halloweenie    d.There’s no such thing


       5.  This custom began as a way to find who will get married first!    

                a.       Trick or Treating         b.Bobbing for Apples      c. Jack-O-Lanterns