Token Reward System

At the OrthoSpaceship, you can earn tokens when you do well and redeem those tokens for prizes at our Smile Store! Make sure to check out the Smile Store during your next visit to see what's available!

Be on time for appointments. Earn 1 token
Brush and floss your teeth very well. Earn 1 token
Don't break your appliances. Earn 1 token
Be cooperative by wearing your appliances and rubber bands as instructed. Earn 1 token
"Like" us on Facebook. Earn 10 tokens
 Follow us on Twitter.  Earn 10 tokens 
 Comment on or Like an Orthospaceship Facebook post. Earn 1 tokens (for each interaction) 
Upload a photo of yourself to the Orthospaceship Facebook page. Earn 5 tokens (for each photo, limit of 2 per week)
 Check-In to the Orthospaceship via FourSquare.    Earn 5 tokens per check-in 
Subscribe to the Orthospaceship blog. Earn 10 tokens
Be the winner of our Monthly Game. Earn 50 tokens
Lead your class on a field trip to the Orthospaceship. Earn 50 tokens
Refer a patient to Dr. Hakim.* Earn 100 tokens

Please get your parents permission before interacting with the Orthospaceship online.  *Immediate family members excluded.  Tokens are awarded to patients currently in active treatment who are under the age of 18 and are awarded solely at the discretion of Dr. Hakim and his crew.  Tokens will not be awarded for emergency appointments.  Smile Store inventory is subject to change at any time without notice.  All "On the Web" tokens earned will be calculated at the end of the month and awarded to the patient at their next visit.  Lost tokens will not be replaced.  Patient is responsible to make sure tokens are received before leaving the office.  Tokens will not be awarded for past visits.  No cash value.