Why We're Unique

At Dr. Hakim’s orthodontic practice, we believe that each patient is unique. When designing a treatment plan, Dr. Hakim takes into consideration the patient’s concerns and goals, the health, size, shape and position of the teeth, gums and jaws and how they relate to each other.  The purpose of each treatment plan is to achieve a stable, functional, healthy and beautiful smile in harmony with the face.

Modern Technology

Our practice prides itself in using modern methods the latest in orthodontic technology to help our patients of all ages achieve that healthy, functional and perfect smile.

Treatment Options

Our practice offers a wide range of orthodontic treatment options for straightening teeth, including Invisalign® clear aligners, lingual braces and traditional braces. 

Surgery & Care

The OrthoSpaceship is dedicated to providing its patients comprehensive, personalized orthodontic care. We also offer specialized care with jaw surgery and orthognathic surgery. 

A Unique Approach

The OrthoSpaceship is dedicated to providing its patients comprehensive, personalized orthodontic care. We take a unique "Whole Health" approach to orthodontic treatment. The key is to treat specific problems when they can and should be treated, while reserving treatment for other problems that can and should be corrected just as well, at a later time.

In order to achieve results that will stand the test of time, we aim for five objectives:
1- Improve facial aesthetics.
2- Improve dental aesthetics.
3- Place the jaw joint in its natural position.
4- Improve and preserve periodontal health.
5- Achieve a functional, healthy bite.

With his unique approach of accurately diagnosing and treating the source of the problem, rather than only the symptoms, Dr. Hakim has been able to help thousands of people who had previously gotten temporary relief at best.

“Dr. Hakim was the only doctor who wasn't solely focused on just straightening my teeth, but diagnosing and solving for the structural problems that caused my teeth to move. No other orthodontist put in the same amount of upfront care and detail as Dr. Hakim to provide me with a tailored and expert solution. The process was very thorough; everyone in the office is a professional and very caring. I am so happy with the end result - no more pain and beautifully, straight teeth! “ ~ Jamie S.


  • Improve facial aesthetics. You will be cuter!

  • Improve dental aesthetics. Much cuter!

  • Place the jaw joint in its natural position. You will be pain free and happier!

why unique
  • Improve and preserve periodontal health. You will be healthier!

  • Achieve a functional, healthy bite. Your smile will last forever!

We Are A Team!

At our practice, Dr. Hakim will work hand-in-hand with your primary dentist provider as well as other specialists in order to facilitate and prioritize your custom treatment.

In offering the most advanced orthodontic treatment services to our patients, the Orthospaceship crew takes pride in their work and their commitment to be the standard by which all other orthodontic practices are measured.