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I used to come here as a kid and now I bring my daughter. I love Dr. Hakim. We all love him.

– Noushin S.

Our experience with Dr. Hakim was professional and pleasant. Each visit was handled promptly and efficiently. I highly recommend Dr. Hakim to other patients.

– P.G.

It’s the best experience I ever had. I actually loved going to the office. My visits were very peaceful and calming, never a wait and the appointments were always pleasant. Great expertise and plan for treatment was well executed. Very happy office to be at.

– Megan T.

Well organized, efficient and truly with a fun atmosphere and excellent results.

- Regina S.

Dr. Hakim stepped in midway through my treatment due to my relocation. He was very professional, thorough and easy to talk to, open to my concerns. I give him my highest recommendations.

– Jon S.

We were recommended by our own dentist to Dr. Hakim. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with this wonderful team of Doctor and crew members. Both my children had a great experience, they never complained about coming to see Dr. Hakim; on the contrary, they were always looking forward to it. Something unusual, I thought. I will recommend to anyone. Their teeth and smiles are beautiful!!!

– Blasi C.

I had a great experience through my entire treatment. All the crew members were very kind and it was a pleasure to get to know them. I couldn’t imagine having straight bottom teeth and now I do.

- Elena Z.

This places is great! All spaceship members are very welcoming, passionate, clean, and focused on their job. They are very attentive and always have a smile on their faces. The atmosphere is very exotic. You really feel as if you are boarding a luxurious spaceship. I have had an amazing overall experience. Thank you!

- Eliya M.

Dr. Hakim's team surpassed all expectations. I knew my son was in the best of care because I myself had braces with Dr. Hakim eleven years earlier. The entire staff is exceptional! Thank you so much!

- D.J. A.

The clinical crew is great, they are nice and very gentle. Dr. Hakim does a great job.

- Jake B.

Loved the staff! Dr. Hakim was very thorough and professional. Very happy!

- Lexie R.

Dr. Hakim is very patient and always takes time to explain everything, so that we are all comfortable and understand the plans and procedures. He has a very calming demeanor and we feel so safe in his care. You are the best Orthodontist ever! Love,

- Tzivi

Our experience with Dr. Hakim and the whole Orthospaceship staff was fantastic. Dr. Hakim not only made us feel comfortable with the procedures, but he also helped us understand what our child was going through every step of the way. More importantly he helped our child understand and was always available for questions or concerns.

- E.W.

My teeth look great!!! The staff treated me great!

- Rolando M.

I would highly recommend the Orthospaceship for any dental travel!!!

- Dewey Doldron

My daughter just completed her Phase 1 of orthodontic treatment by Dr. Hakim and his wonderful staff. Dr. Hakim has made this experience so pleasant that she looks forward to every appointment with him and the crew. Thank you!!!

- K.M.

I really love the time I spent here. I will remember everyone forever. It was great and I don't regret anything. I appreciate all the work that everyone did especially the doctor.

- Sean and Nazi Zendedel

My teeth are in such a different place today. I never thought that they can look this well, my bite is fine, my teeth feel great, and they look amazing. Thank you Dr. Hakim and crew!

- Joanna Kwasek

I would like to thank Dr. Hakim and the whole Orthospaceship crew for their professionalism and very friendly service. I highly recommend Orthospaceship to all parents! Thank you!

- L.M.

As a professional adult - the experience of being treated by Dr. Hakim and his team was beyond my expectations. Thank you.

- Anne Taylor Mitchell

My experience with Dr. Hakim. Roger and the rest of the crew has been exceptional. This is my 3rd time having braces and I can say with confidence that Dr. Hakim personally ensures that each visit is professional, effective and positive. Thank you Dr. Hakim and crew for making this such an easy and excellent experience!

- Lena

My experience with Dr. Hakim and the Orthospaceship crew was great! They always made me laugh and feel welcomed. I had a fun time with the crew and I wish I could stay here. They exceeded my expectations in everything and I wish the crew and Dr. Hakim the best.

- Isaiah Beltran

Dr. Hakim and Crew! i am so happy that this went so well. I never doubted you for a second. Thank you for everything and I will never forget Orthospaceship. I love you guys! THANK YOU!

- A.Z.

The orthospaceship catered to my every need and I am very pleased with the outcome of my experience here. The crew members added to my comfort, as they made sure nothing was broken or loose.My overall time with braces was an easy transition.

- Kellen Carpenter

I have been very pleased with Dr. Hakim and his crew! The results of my 3 kids are perfect. Everyone is very helpful, friendly, and professional. It is my pleasure to introduce Dr. Hakim to all my friends and family.

- Betty Youabian

My experience with Dr. Hakim and his staff has been wonderful. I wasn'tsure about getting braces as an adult, but thanks to Dr. Hakim and his staff, it has been a very comfortable and pleasant experience. The office is a warm and friendly place. The entire crew is professional, qualified, competent, kind and I always enjoy being in the space. Not something you hear often when referring a dentist or orthodontist. I look forward to bringing my boys here for their braces someday.

- Carina Miller

My experience here has been great. Dr. Hakim and staff have given me the ability to smile while taking the utmost care of my time, schedule, and overall teeth issues. I had a very severe case and the Orthospaceship made my dreams come true in having a perfect smile. Confidence is at a 10!

- Cory Henke

I went to a handful of orthodontists to discuss treatment options before coming to Dr. Hakim. Dr. Hakim was the only orthodontist who understood what was bothering me, what I wanted out of treatment and was able to create a plan that suited my goals. It was clear that we were on the same page from the beginning and he actually listened to me. Having braces as an adult isn't fun, but Dr. Hakim and the crew at the Orthospaceship allowed me to retain my dignity through the process. I would choose Dr. Hakim for treatment again in a heartbeat. In fact, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I'm so incredibly happy with my results, my teeth and bite are perfect thanks to Dr. Hakim and his crew!

- Rebecca Irwin

Everything was so organized and beautiful. I had a wonderful experience.

- M.P.

This is our second child who has been a patient with Dr. Hakim and we are extremely pleased with the care, attention to detail and final results of Dr. Hakim's work!

- Rebecca Beech

The Orthospaceship greatly exceeded my expectations! All my friends would always talk about how painful and annoying their braces were, but I never experienced these feelings with my braces!

- Z.D.

I have been coming to Dr. Hakim for two and a half years, and each time I have enjoyed a nice, welcoming environment, crew, and experience.

- M.G.

The office is awesome from the moment you walk in - the decor is the first thing you see because it's interesting and fun. Then the staff greets you in a professional and friendly way. The best thing is Dr. Hakim because he explains things in a way you can understand and he's completely competant. I am extremely happy with the results. Thanks to everyone at the Orthospaceship!

- Bonnie O'Malley

I cannot say enough about your office. Friendly faces all over. Everything gets done on time. Two and a half years coming to this office and we can't remember one negative point. This kind of service is very hard to find anywhere else. Thank you all for a wonderful, pleasant experience!

- Sharon Bencohen

We have been with Dr. Hakim for so many years and he has treated us so wonderfully. Always prompt, always polite, kind, patient, compassionate and sincere. He has treated myself and my children too (all four). His staff are also especially terrific. Everyone is kind and professional. It's a pleasure to come here. Every appointment is a positive experience too. We have been very pleased with the quality of care here. Our teeth look good!

- Karen Brunelle

Everyone was very courteous and always willing to answer questions and educate me on the process and steps to completion of the treatment plan.

- D.P.

I had an awesome time. Actually getting my braces off was the most awesome experience that I've had in my entire life. ALl the waiting was worth it. I now have beautiful, straight teeth. Thank you so much for taking good care of me. Thank you for my beautiful smile. Thank you so much Dr. Hakim and your crew! Love you guys!

- Y.F.

They make it such an easy, incredible experience. The atmosphere around the Orthospaceship is awesome. This is the only place I'd want to be for this experience.

- J.B.

I am a grandmother who never expected she would be wearing braces again. I was apprehensive, but Dr. Hakim and his staff comforted me and did a fantastic job. I am very happy with the results.

- Leslie Paxton

Very professional, and I would highly recommend this office to family and friends. My son is very handsome.

- Elmira Jones

Exceptional service, thorough and professional. We were informed every step of the way and the results were as predicted - exceptional!

- O.C.

Dr. Hakim was really wonderful to work with and does great work. I went to him because I wanted an implant to replace a back lower molar that had been extracted. I had partial braces to lift the upper molar which had fallen in the years following the tooth extraction. Dr. Hakim was able to masterfully lift the molars via braces, enabling me to get an implant on my lower molar. When I started the orthodontic work, I was having an extremely hard time financially. I'm a single mom, my car had just died, I had lost over $2000 in income from furlough days and was overwhelmed. Dr. Hakim worked out a payment plan. I was actually able to pay in full before the work was completed.

- Esther Hyun

I really enjoyed my experience here at the Orthospaceship. Dr. Hakim took care of every last detail of my treatment and I really appreciated that.

- D.B.

My experience with Dr. Hakim and his crew was outstanding. Every appointment was filled with smiles and consideration. They were able to work around my schedule and change my appointments. Thank you all!

- S.M.

The crew and Dr. Hakim were exceptionally thorough, kind and always available for any emergencies. We are very happy with the results so far. Thank you to Dr. Hakim and his efficient and friendly staff!

- S. Neman

My experience with Dr. Hakim and his crew members has been great. I never thought my smile would ever change this drastically. I am very grateful for the work they have done in these past two years.

- T.O.

I've never enjoyed the dentist more than coming here to the Orthospaceship. It's all about the crew handling that patients and his crew is top notch and very comforting.

- Arshawn Ashari

Ever since my horrible accident my whole face was practically destroyed and although it healed I still had missing teeth and severely misaligned jaws and looked very intimidating. However, after seeing Dr. Hakim and having surgery, my jaws are aligned, I can chew better, and I have a very decent looking smile that I'm not ashamed of. It's really a miracle! God bless the Orthospaceship! Will miss everyone!

- Juan Victoria

I felt like I was in great hands with Dr. Hakim and his team!

- E.C.

Thank you Dr. Hakim for making my orthodontic experience amazing. I have never been happier seeing my perfect smile in the mirror. Although the journey to straight teeth has been completed, I will never forget the amazing staff at the Orthospaceship.

- V.S.

My experience with Dr. Hakim was really good. They did a great job on my teeth and were really nice.

- V.P.

Fortunately, I had a short but great experience with Dr. Hakim. No doctor is comparable to his amazing work! The entire group knows what they're doing making the patient feel comfortable and relieved.

- D.S.

Nothing but good things to say about my experience. They made the treatment as bearable as possible and aligned my teeth quite well. I am very happy with the outcome of my treatment.

- D.A.

I'm very happy with Dr. Hakim and the Orthospaceship crew. Very nice and sweet. I'm very happy I cam here because my teeth are straight now! Definitely recommend the Orthospaceship! Everyone is nice and understanding.

- Niki Zahedi

I would highly recommend to anyone that needs orthodontic treatment. No matter what your problem or how extensive it is they are able to treat you with excellent results. They give you that confidence, and most important it does not matter what age you are, they welcome you.

- Judy Belis

It was awesome coming to the Orthospaceship! The crew is super nice and Dr. Hakim did an awesome job with my teeth!

- J.P.

Dr. Hakim is the best! We are very happy with the results and he does everything with a smile.

- D.Z.

All of the crew was great and made an uncomfortable experience quite comfortable.

- Ken Webb

Dr. Hakim and the Orthospaceship crew made braces easy. They never put too much pressure on my teeth and I enjoyed every visit.

- J.N.

I had an extremely difficult case and Dr. Hakim was very comforting and supportive about my entire process. He and my surgeon worked together very hard to achieve my goal and I am very impressed with the results.

- Ramin Amini

My dentist had been treating me for TMJ until it became difficult to chew and he referred me to a specialist. So at the tender age of 63, I found myself in Dr. Hakim's "Spaceship." After being fitted with a special upper jaw splint, we blasted off. TMJ is not a physical problem that goes away overnight, but with Dr. Hakim at the controls, we made steady progress. After eight month of expert care, my jaw muscles healed and I could chew again with confidence. Thanks also the the Spaceship crew - a warm and friendly staff that are out of this world. I am grateful.

- Melanie N.

We would highly recommend Dr. Hakim and his great st aff. Exceptional service by all. Always felt comfortable and told upfront what to expect. Overall a wonderful experience with kind, caring and knowledgeable people.

- Sylvia Benun

I have had an amazing experience with Dr. Hakim and his staff members. Everyone is so nice and great at what they do. I look forward to every appointment! Thank you so much!

- K.V.

The ORthospaceship crew and their Captain, Dr. Hakim, are really helpful and kind, giving each patient their full attention and meeting their every need.

- S.M.

I've had a great experience with Dr. Hakim and everyone on the crew. Everyone is always very nice and I always feel welcomed coming here.

- K.M.

We are very happy with the treatment we received with Dr. Hakim. Katherine is the best. She is always pleasant and helpful in sending out rubberbands or rescheduling appointments. Our daughter only had one loose bracket in 2 1/2 years and that was because she ate something at camp she wasn't supposed to. Dr. Hakim has been outstanding in his profession.

- Laura Levin

Dr. Hakim and his team are terrific! As an adult patient, they helped restore a proper bite and great aesthetics. His team is wonderful to work with, convenient, helpful, informative - in all, a great experience with a great outcome. Thanks!

- David Zakon